CISPR 18-1:1982 ED1

Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment. Part 1: Description of phenomena

Publication date:   Jan 1, 1982

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 24, 2010


CISPR/CIS/B Interference relating to industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency apparatus, to other (heavy) industrial equipment, to overhead power lines, to high voltage equipment and to electric traction

International Standard

33.100.01   Electromagnetic compatibility in general



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This publication applies to radio noise from overhead power lines
and high voltage equipment which may cause interference to radio
reception, excluding the fields from power line carrier signals.
The frequency range covered is 0.15 MHz to 300 MHz. The purpose of
Part 1 is to discuss the physical phenomena
involved in the generation of electromagnetic noise fields; it also
includes the main properties of such fields and their numerical
values. The data should facilitate the use of the recommendations
given in CISPR 18-2 and 18-3.

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CISPR 18-1:1982 ED1
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 24, 2010