IEC TR 61508-0:2005 ED1

Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems - Part 0: Functional safety and IEC 61508 (see Functional Safety and IEC 61508)

Publication date:   Jan 20, 2005

General information

60.60 Standard published   Jan 20, 2005


TC 65/SC 65A System aspects

Technical Report

25.040.40   Industrial process measurement and control | 29.020   Electrical engineering in general | 35.240.50   IT applications in industry



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IEC/TR 61508-0:2005 introduces the concept of functional safety and gives an overview of the IEC 61508 series. This report is to be read in conjunction with the first edition of the IEC 61508 series of standards only!

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IEC TR 61508-0:2005 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Jan 20, 2005