IEC 60118-8:2005 ED2

Electroacoustics - Hearing aids - Part 8: Methods of measurement of performance characteristics of hearing aids under simulated [<i>in situ</i>] working conditions

Publication date:   Oct 19, 2005

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60.60 Standard published   Oct 19, 2005


TC 29 Electroacoustics

International Standard

17.140.50   Electroacoustics



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Describes methods for a test which simulates the acoustical effects of a median adult wearer on the performance of a hearing aid. Establishes certain guidelines for simulated in situ measurements of hearing aids; it describes a simplified method for simulated in situ measurements of hearing aids and a description for determination of the directivity index (DI) of directional microphones in hearing aids in the horizontal plane. In addition this second edition now specifies tolerances. Conformance to the specifications in this International Standard is demonstrated only when the result of a measurement, extended by the actual expanded uncertainty of measurement of the testing laboratory, lies fully within the tolerances specified in this International Standard extended by the values for Umax

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IEC TR 60118-8:1983 ED1


IEC 60118-8:2005 ED2
60.60 Standard published
Oct 19, 2005