IEC 62237:2003 ED1

Live working - Insulating hoses with fittings for use with hydraulic tools and equipment

Publication date:   Oct 27, 2003

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60.60 Standard published   Oct 27, 2003


TC 78 Live working

International Standard

13.260   Protection against electric shock. Live working | 29.240.99   Other equipment related to power transmission and distribution networks | 29.260.99   Other electrical equipment for working in special conditions



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Is applicable to mobile insulating hoses with fittings used with hydraulic tools and equipment for live working at nominal voltages exceeding 1 kV r.m.s. at power frequency. Insulating hoses with fittings are used to provide a connection between the hydraulic tool and the pump which are at different potentials. They are not considered as a fixed component of a live working device (e.g. aerial device). They can be connected and disconnected under negligible pressure. They can be directly handled by the user.

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IEC 62237:2003 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Oct 27, 2003