ISO/IEC 14165-141:2001 ED1

Information technology - Fibre Channel - Part 141: Fabric Generic Requirements (FC-FG)

Publication date:   Jun 21, 2001

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60.60 Standard published   Jun 21, 2001


ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 Interconnection of information technology equipment

International Standard

35.200   Interface and interconnection equipment



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Fibre Channel provides a general data transport vehicle for Upper Level Protocols (ULPs) such as Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI) and Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) command sets, the High-Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) data framing, IP (Internet Protocol), ANSI/IEEE 802.2, and others. This part of ISO/IEC 14165 defines requirements for Fabrics supporting the Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH) that are independent of specific Fabric topologies. FC-PH, together with its second generation (FC-PH-2) and third generation (FC-PH-3), describes the point-to-point physical interface transmission protocol and signaling protocol of a high-performance serial link for the support of higher level protocols.

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ISO/IEC 14165-141:2001 ED1
60.60 Standard published
Jun 21, 2001