prEN 17915

Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative carrier test method for the evaluation of virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants on hard non-porous surfaces in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas - Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 2).

General information

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CEN/TC 216 Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics

European Norm

11.080.20   Disinfectants and antiseptics | 71.100.35   Chemicals for industrial and domestic disinfection purposes


Test method for virucidal activity of liquid, chemical disinfectant and antiseptics.
It is applicable to ready to use products or concentrated products that form a homogeneous,
physically stable preparation when diluted with hard water.
This includes but is not limited to the food industry, institutional areas such as schools, hospitals
and nursing homes, in the workplace and in the home/domestic environment.
It is not applicable when the use of the product is medically indicated.

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prEN 17915
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Jan 19, 2023