prEN 14488-4 rev

Testing sprayed concrete - Part 4: Bond strength of cores by direct tension

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00.98 Proposal for new project abandoned   Oct 27, 2021


CEN/TC 104 Concrete and related products

European Norm


This European Standard describes a means of determining the tensile bond between sprayed concrete and substrate of concrete or rock tested in a laboratory as a direct tension test. Bond strength is defined as the capacity to transfer tension between two layers.
Bond strength is calculated as the ultimate tensile force divided by the stressed cross-sectional area of a core, drilled out of a sprayed concrete layer together with a portion of the substrate concrete or rock.
Alternative in situ test methods for determining bond strength are allowed provided they meet all the requirements of this European Standard. In case of dispute, the method described in this European Standard is the reference test method.

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prEN 14488-4 rev
00.98 Proposal for new project abandoned
Oct 27, 2021