EN 1254-5:2021

Copper and copper alloys - Plumbing fittings - Part 5: Capillary fittings with short ends for brazing to copper tubes

Publication date:   Sep 16, 2021

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60.60 Standard published   May 26, 2021


CEN/TC 133 Copper and copper alloys

European Norm

23.040.40   Metal fittings



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This document specifies product characteristics, assessment methods, compliance criteria of the test results and a designation system for capillary fittings with short ends for brazing to copper tubes e.g. EN 1057, EN 13348, EN 13349, EN 12735-1, EN 12735-2, etc. These fitting ends exist in two forms: end feed fittings and integral brazing ring fittings. For the purposes of joining copper tubes, the fitting ends have a nominal diameter from 14,7 mm to 159 mm. The fittings are designed for a service lifetime up to fifty years.
The fittings are used up to the operating temperatures and corresponding maximum operating pressures as indicated in Annex A.
This document applies to copper alloy fittings. A non-exhaustive list of these copper alloys is given in CEN/TS 13388.
The capillary fittings with short ends for brazing to copper tubes are used with brazing alloys in accordance with alloys specified in EN ISO 17672.
Not all copper alloys that can be used to manufacture fittings can be brazed and those that can be brazed may require different brazing techniques (guidance is provided in in EN 1254-20:2021, Annex A).
Fittings with short ends for capillary brazing may also have threaded end connections. These threaded ends exist with metallic and with non-metallic sealing elements. For the purposes of joining with tubes, pipes, fittings or valves, the threaded ends have a size range from 1/8" to 4".
Adaptor fittings for use with copper tubes may combine short ends for capillary brazing with fitting ends defined in the other parts of EN 1254.
Capillary fittings with short ends for brazing may also have flanged end connections according to EN 1092-3.
Fittings can be produced by machining, metal forming, casting, or fabrication.
Products covered by this document are intended to be used in:
a) liquid applications:
- hot, cold or combined hot and cold water, including systems according to EN 806;
- closed heating systems according to EN 12828;
- cooling systems;
- drainage systems;
- fire protection systems including sprinkler systems according to EN 12845;
- refrigeration systems;
- supply systems for points of consumption with liquid fuels according to EN 12514.
b) gas applications:
- natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas systems with a maximum operating pressure less than or equal to 5 bar according to EN 1775;- gas line systems with an operating pressure exceeding 0,5 bar for industrial installations and exceeding 5 bar for industrial and non-industrial installations according to EN 15001-1;
- compressed air systems;
- medical gas systems according to EN ISO 7396;
- refrigeration systems.

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EN 1254-5:2021
60.60 Standard published
May 26, 2021