EN ISO 5167-3:2020

Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices inserted in circular cross-section conduits running full - Part 3: Nozzles and Venturi nozzles (ISO 5167-3:2019)

Publication date:   Oct 14, 2020

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17.120.10   Flow in closed conduits



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This document specifies the geometry and method of use (installation and operating conditions) of nozzles and Venturi nozzles when they are inserted in a conduit running full to determine the flowrate of the fluid flowing in the conduit.
This document also provides background information for calculating the flowrate and is applicable in conjunction with the requirements given in ISO 5167‑1.
This document is applicable to nozzles and Venturi nozzles in which the flow remains subsonic throughout the measuring section and where the fluid can be considered as single-phase. In addition, each of the devices can only be used within specified limits of pipe size and Reynolds number. It is not applicable to the measurement of pulsating flow. It does not cover the use of nozzles and Venturi nozzles in pipe sizes less than 50 mm or more than 630 mm, or where the pipe Reynolds numbers are below 10 000.
This document deals with
a) three types of standard nozzles:

ISA 1932[1] nozzle;
the long radius nozzle[2];
the throat-tapped nozzle

b) the Venturi nozzle.
The three types of standard nozzle are fundamentally different and are described separately in this document. The Venturi nozzle has the same upstream face as the ISA 1932 nozzle, but has a divergent section and, therefore, a different location for the downstream pressure tappings, and is described separately. This design has a lower pressure loss than a similar nozzle. For all of these nozzles and for the Venturi nozzle direct calibration experiments have been made, sufficient in number, spread and quality to enable coherent systems of application to be based on their results and coefficients to be given with certain predictable limits of uncertainty.

[1] ISA is the abbreviation for the International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations, which was superseded by ISO in 1946.
[2] The long radius nozzle differs from the ISA 1932 nozzle in shape and in the position of the pressure tappings.

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