Maintenance function and management

General information

10.99 New project approved   Jan 10, 2022


CEN/TC 319 Maintenance

European Norm


This European standard describes the main content of Maintenance Functions and Sub Functions/Areas gathering up the various main recommended activities, Standard, competences, methodologies and practices, in order to build an advanced organizational Maintenance Model to achieve the following activities:
- to maintain the required integrity of physical for the sustainable life
- to achieve the required Operational Availability of the installed capacity
- to optimize the ratio "Service Level versus Total Maintenance Costs"
- to increase the extension life with suitable conservatives and preventives maintenance and improving actions;
- to adopt Enabling Technologies of Maintenance
- to keep up to date the Maintenance Culture in the Company.
These purposes can be tailored and limited by the external and internal influencing factors

Life cycle


10.99 New project approved
Jan 10, 2022