CWA 16390:2018

Interface control document for provision of EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services for tracking and tracing the transport of goods

General information

60.60 Standard published   Jan 17, 2018


CEN/WS CORE Multiconstellation based services for goods transport tracking & tracing applications

CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement

35.240.60   IT applications in transport


The implementation of EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services requires:
‒ a "Processing Algorithm" that makes a suitable processing and delivers the EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services;
‒ a tracking device integrating a GPS/EGNOS/multi-GNSS receiver capable of giving in output, in addition to positions & timing data (not necessarily in NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association - format), also raw data (i.e. code ranges and, optionally, phase and Doppler measurements).
This document (CWA 16390) provides:
1. In Clauses 3 and 4:
‒ The specification of the interface between the GPS/EGNOS/multi-GNSS receiver and the "Processing Algorithm" responsible for the implementation of EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services. The "Processing Algorithm" is a software module that can run in the tracking device or on a Service Platform external to the tracking device. The specification is conceived to ensure flexibility to adopt EDAS SL0, EDAS SL2 and EDAS SISNeT, different architectures and different solutions for the "Processing Algorithm" (i.e. it is not intended to make a technical choice on the specific architecture or on the "Processing Algorithm");
‒ The configuration of the GPS/EGNOS/multi-GNSS receivers for implementing EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services.
2. In the informative Annex A, an example of utilisation of the specified interface for EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services, in tracking and tracing applications (for freights transport/logistics).
3. In Clause 5, the information for the utilisation of Galileo Open Service authentication.
4. In the informative Annex B, the example of EGNOS/EDAS/multi-GNSS based services combined with Galileo Open Service authentication.
In this document:
‒ The SBAS integrity is linked to the reliability of the measured position;
‒ The Galileo Open Service authentication is linked to the reliability of the source of the position (i.e. the signal generating the measured position).

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CWA 16390:2018
60.60 Standard published
Jan 17, 2018