EN 369:1993

Protective clothing - Protection against liquid chemicals - Test method: Resistance of materials to permeation by liquids

Publication date:   Jan 1, 1998

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Oct 15, 2001


CEN/TC 162 Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets

European Norm

13.340.10   Protective clothing



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This standard describes a laboratory test method that enables an assessment to be made of the resistance to permeation by liquids afforded by clothing materials. The test method assesses the breakthrough time under laboratory conditions. It also enables observations to be made of the effects of the test liquid on the material under test. It is emphasized that the test does not necessarily simulate conditions that clothing materials are likely to be exposed to in practice. The use of test data should therefore be restricted to the broad comparative assessment of such materials according to their permeation characteristics. This test measures the permeation that arises from the combination of a process of diffusion of a test liquid from one side of a material to another together with a secondary process of desorption into a collecting medium. The rate of the secondary process is influenced by the diffusion rate of the liquid through the material, by the degree of distortion and gradual extension of the test specimen as increasing amounts of liquid are absorbed and by the experimental procedures used to collect and analyse the diffused liquid.

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EN 369:1993
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Oct 15, 2001