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Road and airfield surface characteristics - Test methods - Part 4: Method for measurement of slip/skid resistance of a surface: The pendulum test

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CEN/TC 227 Road materials

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This European Standard describes a method for determining the slip/skid resistance of a surface using a device which remains stationary at the test location. The slip/skid resistance is measured by means of a slider mounted at the end of a pendulum arm.
The method provides a measure of the slip/skid resistance properties of a surface either in the field or in the laboratory.
This method measures the slip/skid resistance of a small area of a surface (approximately 0,01 m2). This should be considered when deciding its applicability to a surface which may have non-homogeneous surface characteristics, e.g. containing ridges or grooves, or is rough textured (exceeding 1,2 mm patch test).
NOTE As the results from this test are taken at one small location, the results cannot be compared with results from devices e.g. mobile devices, that measure the slip/skid resistance over a long length of a surface.

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EN 13036-4:2011


prEN 13036-4 rev
00.98 Proposal for new project abandoned
Jul 16, 2021