EN 12697-54:2019

Bituminous mixtures - Test methods - Part 54: Curing of specimen for test of mixtures with bitumen emulsion

Publication date:   Feb 14, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Sep 25, 2019


CEN/TC 227 Road materials

European Norm

93.080.20   Road construction materials



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This document describes a series of accelerated protocols for curing of bituminous mixtures with bitumen emulsion in order to assess their properties.
The protocols are to be selected according to the type of mixture, the type of specimen, the test to be carried out and the conditions of the place of use.
This document applies to mixtures, specimens and cores, prepared in the laboratory and/or taken from the worksite.
The laboratory curing procedure is designed for bituminous mixtures containing bitumen emulsions, but it could also be used for other types of asphalt mixture that require curing in order to reach their potential strength.

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EN 12697-54:2019
60.60 Standard published
Sep 25, 2019