EN 12697-31:2019

Bituminous mixtures - Test methods - Part 31: Specimen preparation by gyratory compactor

Publication date:   Jun 17, 2019

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60.60 Standard published   Mar 6, 2019


CEN/TC 227 Road materials

European Norm

93.080.20   Road construction materials



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This document specifies the method for compaction of cylindrical specimens of bituminous mixtures using a gyratory compactor.
The method is used for:
- determination of the air voids content of a mixture for a given number of gyrations or derivation of a curve density (or void content) versus number of gyrations;
- preparation of specimens of given height and/or at a predetermined density, for subsequent testing of their mechanical properties.
Annex A and Annex B describe method of complying for the equipment.
This document applies to bituminous mixtures (both those made up in laboratory and those resulting from work site sampling), with an upper aggregate size not larger than 31,5 mm.

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EN 12697-31:2019
60.60 Standard published
Mar 6, 2019