CEN/TR 17236:2018

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids - Constituents to be measured in the aerosol of vaping products

Publication date:   Dec 17, 2018

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60.60 Standard published   Sep 26, 2018


CEN/TC 437 Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids

Technical Report

65.160   Tobacco, tobacco products and related equipment



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This document gives a list of constituents of interest proposed for measurement in the aerosol for the purpose of regulatory submission under the Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD) [2], for
- prefilled products such as disposable e-cigarettes and refill cartridges,
- e-liquids sold in refill containers,
- the following categories of hardware: coils or other heater elements of the vaping product, atomisers, rebuildable atomisers and all open tank or dripper products with inbuilt atomisers, including clearomisers.
This list is not intended to be comprehensive but rather, it represents the default minimum requirement. Depending on the device/liquid combination and the toxicological assessment other substances might have to be measured as well.

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CEN/TR 17236:2018
60.60 Standard published
Sep 26, 2018