EN 15698-2:2019

District heating pipes - Bonded twin pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks - Part 2: Factory made fitting and valve assemblies of steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and one casing of polyethylene

Publication date:   Mar 16, 2020

General information

60.60 Standard published   Oct 16, 2019


CEN/TC 107 Prefabricated district heating and district cooling pipe system

European Norm

23.040.07   Pipelines and its parts for district heat



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This document specifies requirements and test methods for fittings of factory made thermally insulated bonded twin pipe assemblies for hot water networks in accordance with EN 13941 1, comprising two steel service fittings and/or valves, polyurethane foam thermal insulation and one casing of polyethylene.
The pipe assembly can also include the following additional elements: measuring wires, spacers and diffusion barriers.
This document covers the following assemblies:
- fittings: bends, T-pieces and reducers;
- valve construction.
This document applies to fitting and valve assemblies with a minimum design pressure of 1,6 MPa (overpressure).

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EN 15698-2:2015


EN 15698-2:2019
60.60 Standard published
Oct 16, 2019