CEN/TS 17500:2021

Quality of care and support for older persons

Publication date:   Feb 17, 2022

General information

60.60 Standard published   Dec 1, 2021


CEN/TC 449 Quality of care for older people

Technical Specification

11.020.10   Health care services in general



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The services specified in this document are health and social care services for older persons provided by healthcare and social care personnel. This document
- specifies requirements and recommendations for services provided to the older person at home and in care homes, based on the older person's individual needs and preferences to assist self-determination, participation, and a safe and secure old age.
- specifies requirements and recommendations for systematic approaches regarding the service provider’s ability to produce a good quality of care and support for the older person.
- covers services irrespective of the legal form of ownership and whether the service is publicly or privately funded.
- is applicable to care providers, regardless of structure, organization, ownership, size or type of the care services provided.
- can be used by the service provider at all management levels in the organization to plan, lead, implement, maintain, evaluate and improve the quality of the service.
- can be used by the provider for internal audits or self-assessment and/or external parties for certification/accreditation to assess the provider’s ability to meet the older person´s needs and expectations.
- can be used to provide basic information for procurement and education.
- does not cover standardization of medical devices and clinical guidelines.

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CEN/TS 17500:2021
60.60 Standard published
Dec 1, 2021