Public transport - Interoperable fare management system - Back Office Interface

General information

00.60 Close of review   Dec 19, 2016


CEN/TC 278 Intelligent transport systems

Technical Specification


This Work Item proposes to define an open and standardized interface between IFM system back offices, covering media centric, account based and hybrid ticketing architectures.
Such open interface should cover at minima:
• Exchange of action list:
o List of media for media centric oriented IFM systems
o List of tokens for ABT oriented IFM systems
• Exchanges of travel entitlements
o for enabling passenger roaming between IFM systems
• Exchanges of taps
o For CICO (Check In Check Out) travels achieved across PT networks operated through several IFM systems
• Exchange of travel settlements
o For clearing travels made by roamers or achieved though several IFM systems
The scope of the project will need to be based on clearly stated use cases that should be defined as a first step.
This work item will be handled in CEN TS278WG3 SG5 (IFM system).
This work will leverage on Transmodel for the model of exchanged data and will liaise with CEN TC278WG3 SG4 (PT data model) experts when necessary. The Work Item group will also investigate if links are to be developed with the OpRa PWI (Operating raw data and statistics exchange).
The regulatory and legal aspect will be integrated in the development of this work to cope with regards to user data privacy, responsibility of data storage, ownership of the exchanged data ….
NB: Equipment to back office interfaces are excluded from the scope of work

Life cycle


00.60 Close of review
Dec 19, 2016