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Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity - Part 9: General principles for the use of products and systems

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CEN/TC 104 Concrete and related products

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This Part of EN 1504 sets out basic considerations for specification of protection and repair of reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures (including, for example, pavements, runways, floor slabs and pre-stressed structures) using products and systems specified in other Parts of the EN 1504 series or any other relevant European Standard or European Technical Approval. This European Standard covers atmospherically exposed, buried and submerged structures.
This European Standard includes:
a) the need for inspection, testing and assessment before and after repair;
b) protection from causes of defects and their repair in concrete structures. Causes of such defects may include:
1) mechanical actions, e.g. impact, overloading, movement caused by settlement, blast, vibration and seismic actions;
2) chemical and biological actions from environments, e.g. sulphate attack, alkali aggregate reaction;
3) physical actions, e.g. freeze-thaw, thermal cracking, moisture movement, salt crystallisation and erosion;
4) fire damage;
5) reinforcement corrosion resulting from:
i) physical loss of the protective concrete cover;
ii) chemical loss of alkalinity in the protective concrete cover as a result of reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide (carbonation);
iii) chloride (or other chemical) contamination of the concrete;
iv) stray electrical currents conducted or induced in the reinforcement from neighbouring electrical installations.
c) repair of defects caused by inadequate design, specification or construction or use of unsuitable construction materials;
d) providing the required structural capacity by:
1) replacement or addition of embedded or external reinforcement;
2) filling of cracks and voids within or between elements to ensure structural continuity;
3) replacement or addition of concrete or whole elements;
e) waterproofing as an integral part of protection and repair;
f) principles and methods of protection and repair, for example those listed in Table 1.
Site application is covered in Part 10 of this European Standard.
Further background information on the scope of this European Standard is given in Annex A (Informative).

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Jul 15, 2021