EN 9300-005:2017

Aerospace series - LOTAR - LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval of digital technical product documentation such as 3D, CAD and PDM data - Part 005: Authentication and Verification

Publication date:   Mar 15, 2018

General information

60.60 Standard published   Oct 4, 2017


ASD-STAN Aerospace

European Norm

01.110   Technical product documentation | 35.240.30   IT applications in information, documentation and publishing | 35.240.60   IT applications in transport | 49.020   Aircraft and space vehicles in general



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EN 9300-005 describes the fundamentals and concepts of authentication and verification of the integrity of digital documents and their content during the archiving and retrieval processes. The Data Domain Parts EN 9300-x00 will specify qualification measures for the content of the document. The fundamentals given in this document cover the requirements, methods and recommendations for their implementation within an archiving system.

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EN 9300-005:2017
60.60 Standard published
Oct 4, 2017