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Ergonomics - Accessible design - Method for creating colour combinations taking account of age-related changes in human colour vision (ISO 24505:2016)

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CEN/TC 122 Ergonomics

European Norm

13.180   Ergonomics


ISO 24505:2016 provides a method for creating conspicuous colour combinations for use in visual signs and displays taking into account viewer age. It is based on the perceived similarity of colours at photopic and mesopic lighting conditions.
ISO 24505:2016 applies to the design of visual signs and displays in which multiple colours are used so that the colours are conspicuous to people of any age, including older people who do not have deficient colour vision. The method and data in this International Standard are not applicable to the design of visual signs and displays for people with colour deficiencies or medical disorders affecting vision.
Basically, this International Standard applies to the reflective or object mode colours, but may apply to self-luminous mode colours if the colour coordinates are appropriately transferred to those of the object mode colours.

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prEN ISO 24505
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Apr 25, 2018


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