prCEN/TS 16331 rev

Electronic fee collection - Interoperable application profiles for autonomous systems

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CEN/TC 278 Intelligent transport systems

Technical Specification


This technical specification shall facilitate interoperability between Toll Service Providers and Toll Chargers in autonomous EFC systems by providing interoperable application profiles (IAP) built on base standards. Base standards for these IAPs are
- EN ISO 12855 and its profile standard CEN/TS 16986 for back office data exchange,
- EN ISO 17575 suite for interfacing between Front-Ends and Back-Ends,
- EN ISO 12813 for Compliance Check Communication,
- CEN/TS 16702-1/2 for Secure Monitoring and
- EN ISO 13141 for the optional Location Augmentation Communication.
This technical specification shall complement the defintions in CEN/TS 16986 with profiling for the interface specification elements imported from EN ISO 17575, mainly providing suitable profiles for Charge Reports and Context Data
This technical specification shall also cover compliance checks of road users.
The specifications of the profiles shall be introduced and embedded into a modular approach that takes the different needs and nature of individual toll systems into account and simplifies later extensions and upgrades.
An informative annex shall outline the relevance and application of this technical specification in regards to EETS

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Directive 2004/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community (Text with EEA relevance)

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CEN/TS 16331:2012


prCEN/TS 16331 rev
30.98 Project deleted
Jun 15, 2018