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Water quality - Guidance for the preparation and treatment of poorly water-soluble organic compounds for the subsequent evaluation of their biodegradability in an aqueous medium

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CEN/TC 230 Water analysis

European Norm


This International Standard specifies techniques for preparing poorly water-soluble organic compounds and introducing them into test vessels for a subsequent biodegradability test in an aqueous medium using standard methods. The subsequent tests on biodegradability are primarily methods using the analysis of the released carbon dioxide described in ISO 9439 and the determination of the oxygen described in ISO 9408 and following the usual precautions for ISO 10707. Thus, one can notice that the methods measuring the removal of DOC are irrelevant. This International Standard does not specify the biodegradation test methods; it is restricted to describing the techniques for introducing the test substances into the test medium and to keep them in a dispersed state. These techniques are implemented while observing the experimental conditions described in the standardized methods for evaluating biodegradability. It should be noted that volatile chemicals may not be tested by the carbon dioxide method specified in ISO 9439.

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prEN ISO 10634
30.98 Project deleted
Aug 3, 2016