EN ISO 12759-4:2019

Fans - Efficiency classification for fans - Part 4: Driven fans at maximum operating speed (ISO 12759-4:2019)

Publication date:   Apr 21, 2020

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60.60 Standard published   Nov 27, 2019


CEN/TC 156 Ventilation for buildings

European Norm

23.120   Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners



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This document establishes a system for the classification of fan efficiency for all fan types driven by motors of nominal rating 0,125 kW and above. It applies to driven fans only, but not to the system (finished original equipment manufacturer's product, for example box fans and roof fans or ventilation system) in which they might be installed. This document describes a number of different procedures to classify the efficiency of a fan or to apply a minimum efficiency limit (MEL). Those procedures are described in:
— ISO 12759-3;
— this document (ISO 12759-4);
— ISO 12759-5;
— ISO 12759-6.
There is no method described to compare these classifications and MEL's.

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EN ISO 12759:2015


EN ISO 12759-4:2019
60.60 Standard published
Nov 27, 2019