prEN 15149-3 rev

Solid biofuels - Methods for the determination of particle size distribution - Part 3: Rotary screen method

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CEN/TC 335 Solid biofuels

European Norm

75.160.10   Solid fuels


This European Standard specifies a method for the determination of the size distribution of particulate biofuels by the rotary screen method. The method described is meant for particulate biofuels only, namely materials that either have been reduced in size, such as most wood fuels, or are physically in a particulate form e.g. olive stones, nutshells, grain etc. This document applies to particulate uncompressed fuels with a nominal top size of 3,15 mm and over, e.g. wood chips, hog fuel, olive stones etc.

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CEN/TS 15149-3:2006


prEN 15149-3 rev
30.98 Project deleted
Aug 7, 2009