EN 13232-9:2006/prA1

Railway applications - Track - Switches and crossings - Part 9: Layouts

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CEN/TC 256 Railway applications

European Norm

45.080   Rails and railway components


The scope of this part is:
¾ to describe the design process of switches and crossings, and the use of the other parts of this standard;
¾ to define the main criteria to be taken into account during the design of the layout, including the safety and functional dimensions as well as geometrical and material aspects;
¾ to define the main criteria to be verified during the design approval;
¾ to define the geometrical and non-geometrical acceptance criteria for inspection of layouts assembled both in the fabrication plant and at track site in case of layouts that are delivered non or partially assembled or in a “kit” form;
¾ to determine the limits of supply;
¾ to define the minimum requirements for traceability.
This European Standard applies only to layouts that are assembled in the manufacturing plant or that are assembled for the first time at trackside.
Other aspects such as installation and maintenance also influence performance; these are not considered as part of this European Standard.

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EN 13232-9:2006/prA1
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Oct 30, 2008