EN 729-1:1994

Quality requirements for welding - Fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 1: Guidelines for selection and use

Publication date:   Jun 19, 2000

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Dec 15, 2005


CEN/TC 121 Welding and allied processes

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25.160.10   Welding processes



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These guidelines have been prepared to describe welding quality requirements suitable for application by manufacturers using welding as a means of fabrication. They are structured such that they can be used for fabrication of any type of fusion welded construction. These guidelines relate only to those aspects of the quality of the final construction which may be influenced by welding and allied processes. These guidelines define various approaches to quality requirements for welding fabrication, both in workshops and on sites and provide guidance for describing the capability of a manufacturer to be able to produce welded constructions of the specified quality. They can also be used by any interested party as a basis for assessing a manufacturer's welding quality arrangements. These guidelines are intended to be used for the following purposes: a) providing interpretation of the requirements in the EN 29000 series of standards, as a guideline for specification and establishment of the part of the quality system related to control of welding as a 'Special Process'; b) providing guidelines to establish specifications and welding quality requirements, where a quality system according to EN 29001 and EN 29002 is not involved; c) assessment of the welding quality requirements mentioned in a) or b) above. The application of this standard would typically occur in the following circumstances: - in contractual situations: specification of welding requirements for quality systems; - by manufacturers: establishment and maintenance of welding quality requirements; - by committees preparing structural codes or other application standards: specification of welding quality requirements; - by interested parties, e.g. third parties, customers or the manufacturers management: assessment of welding quality requirements.

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EN 729-1:1994
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Dec 15, 2005


EN ISO 3834-1:2005