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Compressors and vacuum pumps - Safety requirements - Part 2: Vacuum pumps

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CEN/TC 232 Compressors, vacuum pumps and their systems

European Norm

23.080   Pumps | 23.140   Compressors and pneumatic machines | 23.160   Vacuum technology


This part of EN 1012-2 is applicable to vacuum pumps, vacuum pump combinations and vacuum pumping systems having an operating inlet pressure of less than 100 kPa (1.0 bar absolute) (atmospheric pressure) and designed to pump all types of gasses and vapours. This part of EN 1012 does not cover 'open systems' where the inlet is intended to be continuously open to the atmosphere where the pump inlet pressure is above 75kPa (750mbar) absolute, e.g. vacuum cleaners, ventilation fans, fume extraction systems. This part of EN 1012 includes under the general term vacuum pumps those machines, which comprise;
- the vacuum pump itself
- a prime mover
- any component or device supplied which is necessary for safe operation of the vacuum pump The standard lists the significant hazards associated with vacuum pumps and specifies safety requirements applicable to the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling of vacuum pumps during their foreseeable lifetime and subsequent disposal. In addition it applies to partly completed vacuum pumps having a vacuum pump in combination with some of these components as well as vacuum pump assemblies operating in combination. Hazards related to the mounting of vacuum pumps installed on skids or trailers shall follow the provisions of EN 1012-1. This part of EN 1012 is not applicable to vacuum pumps, which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.

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Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, and amending Directive 95/16/EC (recast)

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