EN 10208-2:2009

Steel pipes for pipelines for combustible fluids - Technical delivery conditions - Part 2: Pipes of requirement class B

Publication date:   Jun 26, 2009

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Nov 1, 2012


CEN/TC 459/SC 10 Steel tubes, and iron and steel fittings

European Norm

23.040.10   Iron and steel pipes



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This European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless and welded steel pipes for the on land transport of combustible fluids primarily in gas supply systems but excluding pipeline applications in the petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries. It includes more stringent quality and testing requirements than those in EN 10208-1.
NOTE 1 Steel pipes for pipeline transportation systems within the petroleum and natural gas exploration and production industries are covered by ISO 3183 [1]. This standard specifies products with the same (and additional) strength levels and partly similar (but not identical) requirements as EN 10208-1 and EN 10208-2 and is with two additional annexes specifying deviating or additional requirements also published as API Spec 5L [4].
NOTE 2 This European Standard does not apply to cast steel pipe.

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EN 10208-2:1996

EN 10208-2:1996/AC:1996


EN 10208-2:2009
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Nov 1, 2012