Postal services - Hybrid mail - Standardised preference database

General information

30.98 Project deleted   Mar 8, 2016


CEN/TC 331 Postal services

Technical Specification


The work item will address the following questions:
- What addresses/preference databases are needed for different ways of distribution?
- What attributes are to be inked to addresses to enable non-repudiation services or services similar?
- Desktop research on existing similar address and preference databases
- Mapping of existing and expected requirements
- Survey to establish future needs
- Multiple distribution and delivery channels and their hierarchy based on preference services
- Current standards already developed for address templates or preference databases
Based on this the work item will give the following deliverables:
- Definition of possible addresses/preference databases needed for different ways of distribution
- Definition of existing and required attributes for address and preference databases to process documents in way postal services providers distribute and deliver
- Definition of how a postal system can manage the flow of data
- Rules and processes
- Decision hierarchy (who decides what)
- Exchange of addresses and preference data
- Draft for a preference database including existing and future building blocks

Life cycle


30.98 Project deleted
Mar 8, 2016