Postal services - Hybrid mail - Reverse hybrid mail standardisation

General information

30.98 Project deleted   Mar 8, 2016


CEN/TC 331 Postal services

Technical Specification


The actual business needs of postal service providers and service providers alike, mainly the interface that any Reverse Hybrid Mail System software must offer towards the customers and between service providers.
The following items could be defined:
- Interface to postal service providers (offices of exchange between the different service providers)
- Use of tracking and/or intelligent mail specifics to add value and quality of service
- Data coming out of the service and between similar services
- Data specification of how data are to be delivered
- Interface description and message flow
- Quality of service and its measurement
In order to identify the need and feasibility of a standard the following activities are foreseen:
- Desktop research on existing similar applications
- Mapping of existing requirements
- Survey to establish future needs

Life cycle


30.98 Project deleted
Mar 8, 2016