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Liquid pumps - Safety requirements - Agrifoodstuffs equipment; Design rules for ensure hygiene in use

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CEN/TC 197 Pumps

European Norm

23.080   Pumps | 67.260   Plants and equipment for the food industry


This European Standard is concerned with the special technical safety requirements for liquid pumps and pump units operating with agrifoodstuffs. It augments EN 809 and contains a list of the additional significant hazards which can arise from the pump and pump units used with substances intended for human and domestic animal consumption.
In drafting this standard it was assumed that the pumps falling within its scope will conform to all relevant requirement of EN 809.
It also establishes requirements and/or measures which lead to a reduction of the risks.
This standard is not intended to be used for pumps and pump units at any stage in the public water supply, nor for pumps handling pharmaceutical products, nor for any other application for which more appropriate standards can exist.
Conformity to this standard aims to ensure that the pump, if used in accordance with the instruction handbook, will remain safe and, provided it is adequately cleaned, will not cause contamination of the pumped product. Although it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the pump can be cleaned, due to the influence of the product, the process and the cleaning regime adopted, the hygiene of the pump should ultimately be the responsibility of the end-user.
The pumps and pump units which fall within the scope of this standard are described as:
- rotodynamic pumps;
- rotary positive displacement pumps;
- reciprocating positive displacement pumps.
Pumps handling agrifoodstuffs which do not fall within this scope should comply with EN 1672-2.

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EN 13951:2003+A1:2008


prEN 13951
30.98 Project deleted
Oct 19, 2010