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Railway applications - Track - Performance requirements for fastening systems - Part 7: Special fastening systems for switches and crossing and check rails

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CEN/TC 256 Railway applications

European Norm

93.100   Construction of railways


This European Standard specifies performance requirements for special fastening systems for switches and crossings and check rails secured within the overall fastening system (not independently fixed to the bearers) on wood, concrete and steel bearers in ballasted track and on slab track in categories A - E (EN 13481-1, clause 3.1) which have maximum axle loads and minimum curve radii in divergent track in accordance with table 1.

NOTE The maximum axle load for categories A and B does not apply to maintenance vehicles

The requirements apply to fastening systems which incorporate a resilient element and act on the foot and/or web of the rail and are intended for use with stock rail sections in EN 13674-1.

This standard is not applicable to rigid fastening systems.

This standard is for type approval of a complete fastening assembly only. Requirements for quality control are included in standards applicable to individual components.

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DIRECTIVE 2008/57/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 June 2008 on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community (Recast)

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