EN 3373-010:2009

Aerospace series - Terminal lugs and in-line splices for crimping on electric conductors - Part 010: Terminal lugs, ring shaped, tin plated, for crimping on copper conductors, temperature up to 150 °C for metric and inch stud series - Product standard

Publication date:   Dec 30, 2009

General information

90.93 Standard confirmed   Jun 30, 2017


ASD-STAN Aerospace

European Norm

49.060   Aerospace electric equipment and systems



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This standard defines the characteristics of tin plated copper ring shaped terminals for crimping on copper conductors. They are for use on both metric and inch dimension studs at temperatures up to 150 °C maximum.
This standard should be used in conjunction with EN 3373-001.

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EN 3373-010:2009
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jun 30, 2017