EN 1646-1:2004+A1:2008

Leisure accommodation vehicles - Motor caravans - Part 1: Habitation requirements relating to health and safety

Publication date:   Sep 19, 2008

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jul 25, 2012


CEN/TC 245 Leisure accommodation vehicles

European Norm

43.100   Passenger cars. Caravans and light trailers



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This document specifies requirements intended to ensure the safety and health of persons when they use motor caravans for temporary or seasonal habitation.
It also specifies the corresponding test methods.
However, certain requirements of this standard do not apply to motor caravans where the overall length multiplied by the overall width does not exceed 12 m2 plan area.
EN 1646-2 gives requirements relating to user payloads for motor caravans.
Requirements applicable to road safety are not included in the scope of this document.
This document is applicable exclusively to motor caravans as defined in EN 13878.

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EN 1646-1:2004+A1:2008
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jul 25, 2012