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Aggregates for railway ballast

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30.98 Project deleted   Dec 13, 2010


CEN/TC 154 Aggregates

European Norm

91.100.15   Mineral materials and products


This European Standard specifies the properties of aggregates obtained by processing natural or manufactured materials or recycled crushed unbound aggregates for use in construction of railway track. For the purposes of this standard, the aggregate is referred to as railway ballast.
It provides for the evaluation of conformity of the products to this European Standard.

NOTE The requirements in this European Standard are based upon experience with aggregate types with an established pattern of use. Care should be taken when considering the use of aggregates from sources with no such pattern of use, e.g., recycled aggregates and aggregates arising from certain industrial by-products. Such aggregates, that should comply with all the requirements of this European Standard, could have other characteristics not included in Mandate M 125 (as amended) that do not apply to the generality of aggregate types with an established pattern of use and when required, provisions valid at the place of use can be used to assess their suitability.

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EN 13450:2002


prEN 13450 rev
30.98 Project deleted
Dec 13, 2010