EN 292-2:1991

Safety of machinery - Basic concepts, general principles for design - Part 2: Technical principles and specifications

Publication date:   Jan 18, 2001

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Nov 1, 2003


CEN/TC 114 Safety of machinery

European Norm

01.040.13   Environment. Health protection. Safety (Vocabularies) | 13.110   Safety of machinery



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This European Standard defines technical principles and specifications, to help designers and manufacturers in achieving safety in the design of machinery (see 3.1 in EN 292-1) for professional and non-professional purposes. It may also be used for other technical products having similar hazards. Part 1 and 2 should be used together when considering the solution to a specific problem. They can be used independently of other documents, or as a basis for the preparation of other type A standards or type B and C standards. EN 292-2 in conjunction with part 1 would also assist in a preliminary assessment of machines with regard to their safety, where there is no relevant type C standard available. It is recommended that this standard is incorporated in training courses or in manuals to convey technical principles and specifications to designers, etc.

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EN 292-2:1991
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Nov 1, 2003