CWA 15740:2008

Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry (RIMAP)

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 16, 2016


CEN/WS 024 Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry (RIMAP)

CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement

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The objective of this CEN Workshop Agreement document is to present a set of transparent and accurate framework for applying / implementing risk-based inspection and maintenance (RBIM) and risk-based life management (RBLM) in industrial organizations
The document formulates the procedure for risk based approach, thereby supporting optimization of operations and maintenance (O&M) as well as asset management.
The purpose of RBIM is to ensure that clearly defined and accepted levels of risk related to:
- safety,
- health,
- environment and
- business/production/operation
are achieved using resource-efficient methods of inspection and maintenance. The methodology for RBIM described here is based on that developed in the European project RIMAP (Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry) [11]. Within the RIMAP project, the RBIM methodology has been developed and validated for chemical, petrochemical, power and steel industries in Application Workbooks [20], [21], but the methodology as such is intended to be industry independent. The methodology addresses the following aspects:
- Inspection and maintenance
- All types of equipment, e.g. pressure containing, rotating, electrical, instruments and safety devices
- Technical and managerial aspects of maintenance and inspection planning
- Asset management related to inspection, maintenance and life assessment for plants, systems and components
- Production and operation.
Although RBIM encompasses RBI & RCM, this document focuses primarily onto RBI. The RCM is included only up to the extent to demonstrate the applicability in the overall context of RBIM.

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CWA 15740:2008
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jun 16, 2016