prEN 16282-8

Equipment for commercial kitchens - Components for ventilation in commercial kitchens - Part 8: Installations for treatment of cooking fumes - Requirements and testing

General information

40.98 Project deleted   Apr 8, 2013


CEN/TC 156 Ventilation for buildings

European Norm

97.040.99   Other kitchen equipment


This standard applies to installations designed for the treatment of cooking fumes in kitchens and areas used
for processing foodstuffs intended for commercial use from their nature and finish. These installations are
used behind separators according EN Kitchen ventilation-6. It does not apply to household kitchens.
This standard stipulates the requirements covering the construction and operation, including the technical
safety, ergonomic and hygienic features and their testing.
Unless otherwise specified, the requirements of this standard should be checked by way of inspection and/or
Additional or alternative national regulations converting installation, appliance requirements and inspection,
maintenance and operation have to be complied with.

Life cycle


prEN 16282-8
40.98 Project deleted
Apr 8, 2013