CEN/TS 15866:2009

Advanced technical ceramics - Ceramic composites - Determination of the thermal diffusivity of ceramic fibres

Publication date:   Aug 17, 2011

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90.93 Standard confirmed   Oct 10, 2013


CEN/TC 184 Advanced technical ceramics

Technical Specification

81.060.30   Advanced ceramics



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This Technical Specification specifies the conditions for the determination of the thermal diffusivity of single filaments of ceramic fibres parallel to the fibre axis.
This Technical Specification applies to continuous ceramic filaments taken from tows, yarns, braids and knittings.
The experimental conditions are such that the material behaves in an homogeneous manner and that the heat transfer occurs only by thermal conduction.
The method is applicable to materials which are physically and chemically stable during the measurement, and covers the range of temperature between 100 K and 600 K. It is suitable for the measurement of thermal diffusivity values in the range between 10-4 m²·s-1 and 10-7 m2·s-1.

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CEN/TS 15866:2009
90.93 Standard confirmed
Oct 10, 2013