EN 12102:2008

Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps and dehumidifiers with electrically driven compressors for space heating and cooling - Measurement of airbone noise - Determination of the sound power level

Publication date:   May 21, 2010

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jul 31, 2013


CEN/TC 113 Heat pumps and air conditioning units

European Norm

17.140.20   Noise emitted by machines and equipment | 91.140.30   Ventilation and air-conditioning systems



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This European Standard establishes requirements for determining, in accordance with a standardized procedure, the sound power level emitted into the surrounding air by air conditioners, heat pumps, liquid chilling packages with electrically driven compressors when used for space heating and/or cooling, including water cooled multisplit systems, as described in EN 14511 and dehumidifiers as described in EN 810.
It is emphasized that this measurement standard only refers to airborne noise.
This European Standard offers ways to determine the sound power level of units. Some of them are specifically adapted to provide results with low uncertainties, by using laboratory class acoustic methods and highly controlled working conditions. Those measurements are suitable for certification, labelling and marking purposes.
In some cases, the target and/or the environment of the measurements do not allow such precision-class methods. This European Standard also offers ways to assess sound power levels with acceptable accuracy even though acoustic methods and/or working conditions are not laboratory-type, e.g. in situ or quality control measurements.
This European Standard gives two classes of measurements and results, according to the test environment:
- Class A measurements correspond to controlled working conditions (standard or application rating conditions). It is defined by the respect to the tolerances of Table 2.
- Class B measurements correspond to the case where the range defined by the tolerances of Table 2 cannot be fulfilled.

In both classes, precision or engineering class acoustic methods should be applied. The choice of the acoustic measurement method is done in accordance with EN ISO 3740 and EN ISO 9614 depending on the type of surrounding acoustic fields (diffuse or free field, enclosed or open space), and the available instrumentation. Whatever the current working conditions, the reference of acoustic standard shall be reported, with explicit mention

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EN 12102:2008
99.60 Withdrawal effective
Jul 31, 2013