CEN/TR 15367-3:2009

Petroleum products - Guide for good housekeeping - Part 3: Prevention of cross contamination

Publication date:   Dec 17, 2010

General information

60.60 Standard published   Jan 21, 2009


CEN/TC 19 Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.

Technical Report

03.100.50   Production. Production management | 75.160.20   Liquid fuels | 75.200   Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment



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This document provides general guidance on automotive fuel handling. It does not pre-empt national or local regulations. It only addresses the issue of cross contamination between petrol and diesel automotive fuels that may occur in the supply chain, during manufacturing, storage, transportation or distribution. There may also be a risk of contamination with other products such as kerosene/jet fuel and off road diesel. The guidance principles described in this document would apply equally to managing these risks although some details may be different.

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CEN/TR 15367-3:2009
60.60 Standard published
Jan 21, 2009