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prEN 13804

Foodstuffs - Determination of trace elements - Performance criteria, general considerations and sample preparation

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30.98 Project deleted   Jun 10, 2008


CEN/TC 275 Food analysis - Horizontal methods

European Norm

67.050   General methods of tests and analysis for food products


This European Standard specifies performance criteria for the selection of methods of analysis of trace elements in foodstuffs.
It provides general considerations about the special requirements on sample preparation, apparatus, equipment and reagents for trace elements analysis.
In selecting a method of analysis for a specific food matrix, the analyst should give preference to any method which has been developed by the appropriate vertical Technical Committee rather than using a method which has been developed by the horizontal Technical Committee CEN/TC 275/WG 10. However it is the responsibility of the analyst to determine whether an applicable vertical standard has been published.

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EN 13804:2002


prEN 13804
30.98 Project deleted
Jun 10, 2008