EN 1536:2010

Execution of special geotechnical work - Bored piles

Publication date:   Nov 16, 2010

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jun 10, 2015


CEN/TC 288 Execution of special geotechnical works

European Norm

93.020   Earthworks. Excavations. Foundation construction. Underground works



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1.1 This European Standard establishes general principles for the execution of bored piles (see 3.2).
NOTE 1 This standard covers piles or barrettes which are formed in the ground by excavation and are structural members used to transfer actions and/or limit deformations.
NOTE 2 This standard covers piles with circular cross-section (see Figures 1 and A.1a)) and barrettes (see 3.3) with rectangular, T or L or any other similar cross-section (see Figure 2) concreted in a single operation.
NOTE 3 In the standard the term pile is used for circular cross-section structure and the term barrette for other shapes. Both are bored piles.
1.2 This European Standard applies to bored piles (see Figure 3) with:
- uniform cross-section (straight shaft);
- telescopically changing shaft dimensions;
- excavated base enlargements; or
- excavated shaft enlargements.
NOTE The shape of a pile base and of an enlargement depends on the tool used for the excavation.
1.3 This European Standard applies (see Note) to:
- bored piles with a depth to width ratio  5;
- piles (see Figures 1 and 3) with a shaft diameter 0,3 m  D  3,0 m;
- barrettes (see Figure 2) with the least dimension Wi  0,4 m, a ratio LBiB / Wi between its largest and its least dimensions  6 and a cross-sectional area A  15 m²;
- piles with circular precast elements used as structural member (see Figure 7) with a least dimension DP  0,3 m;
- barrettes with rectangular precast elements used as structural member with a least dimension WP  0,3 m.
NOTE The standard covers a large range of diameters. For small diameter bored piles less than 450 mm, the general specification can be adapted to cater for the lack of space (e.g. minimum bars number and spacing).
1.4 This European Standard applies to piles with the following rake (see Figure 4):
- n  4 (  76°);
- n  3 (  72°) for permanently cased piles.

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