EN ISO 16701:2008

Corrosion of metals and alloys - Corrosion in artificial atmosphere - Accelerated corrosion test involving exposure under controlled conditions of humidity cycling and intermittent spraying of a salt solution (ISO 16701:2003)

Publication date:   Nov 28, 2008

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99.60 Withdrawal effective   May 27, 2015


CEN/TC 262 Metallic and other inorganic coatings, including for corrosion protection and corrosion testing of metals and alloys

European Norm

77.060   Corrosion of metals



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ISO 16701:2003 defines an accelerated corrosion test method to be used in assessing the corrosion resistance of metals in environments where there is a significant influence of chloride ions, mainly as sodium chloride from a marine source or road de-icing salt.
ISO 16701:2003 specifies the test apparatus and test procedure to be used in conducting the accelerated corrosion test to simulate, in a very controlled way, atmospheric corrosion conditions.
In this International Standard, the term "metal" includes metallic materials with or without corrosion protection.
The accelerated laboratory corrosion test applies to
metals and their alloys;
metallic coatings (anodic and cathodic);
chemical conversion coatings;
organic coatings on metals.
The method is especially suitable for comparative testing in the optimization of surface treatment systems.

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EN ISO 16701:2008
99.60 Withdrawal effective
May 27, 2015


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