prEN 1254-3 rev

Copper and copper alloys - Plumbing fittings - Part 3: Fittings with compression ends for use with plastics pipes

General information

30.98 Project deleted   Jul 24, 2008


CEN/TC 133 Copper and copper alloys

European Norm

23.040.40   Metal fittings


This European standard specifies materials, assembly dimensions and tolerances and test requirements for fittings of copper and copper alloys with or without plating or coating. This part of prEN 1254 specifies connection end dimensions of compression ends for the purpose of joining plastics pipes for use in cold or combined hot and cold water systems or non-fuel gas systems. Fittings may comprise a combination of any of the end types specified in prEN 1254-1 to prEN 1254-5 or other standards. The standard establishes a designation system for the fittings.

Life cycle


EN 1254-3:1998


prEN 1254-3 rev
30.98 Project deleted
Jul 24, 2008