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prEN ISO 3218

Essential oils - Principles of nomenclature (ISO 3218:1976)

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CEN/SS C01 Food Products

European Norm

71.100.60   Essential oils


To distinguish essential oils from fixed oils, the expression "oil of ..." shall be used. The commonly accepted trivial name of the plant shall follow these words. When no trivial name exists, the complete botanical name shall be used instead. If more than one part of the plant can be used for the extraction of essential oil, the name of the part employed shall follow the trivial name of the plant. If necessary the name of the country or area the plants are coming from shall precede the trivial name and the method used for obtaining the essential oil shall be indicated after a comma at the end of the title. Examples for English and French nomenclature are given.

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prEN ISO 3218
50.98 Project deleted
Mar 15, 2011


Adopted from ISO 3218:1976 IDENTICAL