Electronic fee collection (EFC) - Conformity evaluation of on-board unit and roadside equipment to EN 15509 - Part 2: Abstract test suite

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CEN/TC 278 Intelligent transport systems

European Norm


The scope of this standard is the support of conformity evaluation of OBU and RSE to (pr)EN 15509 "IAP for DSRC" Standard. A conformance-testing standard will provide comparability of results from tests performed at different places and times and facilitate
communications between parties. The standard will be divided in two parts. The second will contain the Abstract test suite (ATS) to test On Board Unit and Road Side Equipment. The ATS will be based on the Tree and Tabular Combined Notation test script language
that is suitable for implementation in computer-aided test tools. TTCN is a test language that is widespread, dedicated test programming language for compliance testing and is standardized by ISO (ISO/IEC 9646-3).

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Directive 2004/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network

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30.98 Project deleted
Jul 25, 2008