EN 10152:2009

Electrolytically zinc coated cold rolled steel flat products for cold forming - Technical delivery conditions

Publication date:   Jul 10, 2009

General information

99.60 Withdrawal effective   Jan 25, 2017


CEN/TC 459/SC 9 Coated and uncoated flat products to be used for cold forming

European Norm

77.140.50   Flat steel products and semi-products



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This European Standard specifies requirements for continuously electrolytic zinc coated cold rolled flat products of low carbon steels suitable for cold forming according to Table 1 in rolled widths above or equal to 600 mm and thicknesses from 0,35 mm up to and including 3 mm, delivered as strip (in coil form), sheet, slit strip or cut lengths obtained from slit strip or sheet.
NOTE 1 This European Standard can also be applied to continuously electrolytic zinc coated flat products of:
a) steels according to EN 10139 (cold rolled strip in rolled widths < 600 mm),
b) steels normally characterized by minimum yield strength or minimum tensile strength values in addition to formability parameters, e. g.
1) steels with high yield strength and improved formability according to EN 10268 (cold rolled flat products),
2) multiphase steels (cold rolled or hot rolled) according to prEN 10338,
3) steels for construction according to national or regional standards (see e. g. DIN 1623).
NOTE 2 By agreement at the time of enquiry and order this European Standard can be applied to continuously electrolytic zinc coated hot-rolled steel flat products (e.g. according to EN 10025-1 and -2, EN 10111, EN 10149-1 to EN 10149-3, etc.).
NOTE 3 As the mass of the zinc coating applied is relatively small, the material is not intended to withstand outside exposure without further chemical treatment and painting.

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EN 10152:2009
99.60 Withdrawal effective
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